Aug 19

Music Parents and Band Clothing Orders *2.0* Now in PDF!

MHS Music Parents Clothing and Band Clothing Order:

Aug 17

Volunteering for the MHS Music Program? Driving for Blitz Night? Read this!

All Midland Public School volunteers must fill out a MHS BRAVO APPLICATION. Only the first two pages are needed in order to volunteer. IF you plan to drive students for ANY high school activity… then the first three pages are needed. Blitz Night drivers should plan to turn in their forms by September 5th. Please turn form in to the main office.

Thank you for your volunteer time… it’s appreciated!

Aug 13

Chemic Music Yard Signs – Get your order in!

Chemic Music Yard Sign orders are being taken. Get your order in!  Click the link for the new form.

2014 Chemic Music Yard Sign Order Form

Aug 07

New School Year – New Chemic Music Card!

MHS Chemic Music Card Fundraiser Information


Pre-saleNOW until Thursday, September 11

  • Cards sell for $10 each.  Cards will be distributed to fill orders (and for additional sales) after school starts in September.
  • During the pre-sale period, cards are to be sold to friends and family and through other creative methods. NO DOOR-TO-DOOR SALES ARE ALLOWED DURING THE PRE-SALE PERIOD*. Also prohibited is solicitation to the Midland Community through paid advertising. This will greatly diminish the success of Blitz Night.
  • Each card has a value of $10, and students are responsible for paying for all cards issued, so please be careful with your cards.
  • Sales will be recorded for prizes.  Prizes are cumulative.


Initial Card Distribution – Thursday, September 4

Music Parent volunteers will be in the music classes on Thursday, September 4th to promote card sales, collect pre-sale money, and pass out cards for students to sell and to fill pre-sale orders.  They will also encourage students to continuing selling until September 11 and to form teams for Blitz night.


Additional Card Distribution & Money Collection – September 5, 8, 9, 12

Music Parent Volunteers will be in the band/orchestra hall during both lunch hours on September 5, 8, 9 and 12 for students to turn in money for cards sold and to check out additional cards to sell.  (Watch boards in the band/orchestra/chorus hallway for any changes to this.)

All money for cards sold and any unsold cards MUST be turned in by lunch on Friday, September 12.


Blitz Night – Thursday, September 18

  • All music students and parent volunteers report to the MHS cafeteria by 5:15 p.m.  We want all teams to be assembled and headed out to their section by 5:30 p.m.
  • Teams should return to MHS no later than 8 p.m.  Students and drivers are free to go as soon as all team money and unsold cards have been counted.
  • Teams will sell as a group on Blitz night and sales will be evenly divided across the team members present and added to individual sales for incentive prizes.  The team or teams with the highest per student sales will receive an extra 3 points per student.  The team or teams with the 2nd highest sales will receive an extra 2 points per student.  These points are added on to each student’s sales to help attain additional prizes.
  • The city will be split into sections and sections will be assigned randomly to all teams. All sections will receive an equal number of points per card sold. Teams that cover their initial section and have time to take another section will be given another section in which to sell. Sections not covered on Blitz Night will be available for selling after Blitz Night and sales will count toward individual sales for incentive prizes.


We need your help!

Parent volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • Pre-sale – September 5, 8, 9  & 12.  If you are available during the school day on these dates (first or second lunch), we need help collecting money.
  • Lalonde’s Nights – September 9, 10, & 11 if you are available from 4-7pm, we need students and parents to sell cards in the Lalonde’s parking lot. All sales will count toward incentive prizes for those families participating.
  • Blitz Day – September 18, during the school day to prepare for the evening.
  • Blitz Night – September 18, if you are available from 5-8 pm we need drivers for teams, counters for receiving and counting money, and runners (hands on help) for the event.

PRIZE Incentives


  • Sell (5) cards during pre-sale period (until September 11) and get a large candy bar!
  • Sell (10) cards during the pre-sale period and get free movie money!
  • Get a Free Music Card to re-sell for every 10 cards you sell!
  •  Blitz Night — fun Door Prize Drawings!


  • In addition to the above, students who sell 20 cards (total of individual Pre-Blitz sales plus their portion of Blitz Night team sales) will receive Cash prizes – see below:


This award increases in increments of $5 up to 50 cards sold.

20 cards sold = $20 cash

25 cards sold = $25 cash

30 cards sold = $30 cash

35 cards sold = $35 cash

40 cards sold = $40 cash

45 cards sold = $45 cash

50 cards sold = $50 cash


See for more details!

GET FIRED UP!!!  We have a GREAT card to sell!!!

MHSMPA Music Card Contacts 2014-2015

Tom Rice 989-615-5259 or email

Nancy Billovits 989-859-2842 or email

* Students who would like to sell cards door-to-door during the pre-sale period may do so in the area north of US -10. Maps will be proviCardFront14ded.


Aug 09

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Aug 09

Welcome to the new site

Welcome! We’ve created a new website designed to make it easier to find the information you are looking for.  Here are some highlights:

  • Stay up to date on events with the new calender
  • Subscribe to the blog so that you never miss an announcement
  • Find information for each music ensemble at MHS
  • Download forms in one easy location
  • Stay up to date with information on fundraisers
  • Volunteer your time to help Midland High Music