Aug 28

If you shop at, why not utilize the philanthropic division, Over one million non-profit organizations are listed and Midland High School Music Parents Association is one of them! When making an order, 0.5% of all purchases through will go directly to MHSMPA. Orders must be placed through “”, NOT “”

1. Go to 2. If you have an existing Amazon account, simply sign. If not, choose “Create an Account” 3. Under “Your Account”, select choose charity 4. Enter 38-6076925 in the search field 5. Click “select” for Midland High School Music Parents Association

It’s that easy!


Aug 27

Orchestra – Locker and Instrument Check Out Info.

Welcome to the new MHS Director of Orchestras, Mrs. Jennifer Breneman. If you recognize that name… it’s because Mrs. Breneman is also the MHS Director of Choirs. The MHS Music Department is fortunate to have such a talented musician.

Locker check out for all orchestra students on Tuesday, Sept 1st in the orchestra room from 10 am -2 pm. Bravo forms for parents will be available. Forms are also available for printing here > Bravo form and driver-2   Orchestra parents are welcome to print, fill out, and bring in the Bravo forms!  They need to be filled out before parents can drive students on Blitz Night or chaperone the students.

Instrument check out for symphony students will be held during locker check out on Sept. 1st (10-2).

Instrument check-out for concert orchestra students will begin Sept. 9th (the second day of school).

Aug 26

Spiritwear Orders! Corrected Band Calendar!!

With less than two weeks until the start of school, the Chemic Marching Band has kicked it up several notches with the start of band camp! A lot of information has been passed along to parents over the past few weeks. If parents have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask any of the wonderful music reps. They put in countless volunteer hours and can generally answer your questions. If they don’t know, they’ll ask the director or one of the assistants. The last thing we want is to overwhelm you with information!  That said… here’s some more information :)

For band:  The master calendar has been updated. You can find it here > 2015 Band Calendar Corrected

For band:  The spirit wear order form is here > 2015 Band Spirtwear Order Form

For all parents of music students:  The spirit wear order form is here > 2015 Music Parent Spiritwear Order Form

Please note the deadlines for ordering. Band parents need to get their orders in my September 2!!! Please hurry!  The Music Parents deadline is September 16th. All checks must be payable to MHS Music Parents.

Aug 20

Volunteers Needed For Blitz and More!

There are many opportunities to provide service hours for the MHS music program. What a great way to meet other parents and get to know the music students!


All three music disciplines (Band, Choir, Orchestra) need volunteer help. Please contact a representative to find out where help is needed.  The listing of reps can be found here. Even easier… just fill out the volunteer form on this website; found here.

As a reminder, ALL volunteers must fill out a Bravo Form (Level II and/or Level II Driver) which is here.

Thank you for your continued support of the MHS music program.


Aug 20

The New Chemic Music Card!

We’re pleased to show off the new Chemic Music Card! Please support the Midland High music program by purchasing a Chemic Music Card!  Blitz Night is coming… this September 24th. All MHS music students will be out and about, selling the Chemic Music Card. The price for a Chemic Music Card is a mere $10. We are happy to include each of the vendors shown on the card. Please visit these establishments!





Information for parents and music students here.

More Chemic Music Card Fundraiser information here.

Aug 14

Welcome Back Letter for Band Members

A second mailing filled with details was recently mailed to MHS band members. Please take time to read through it all. It’s filled with information that every band student needs! You can take a look at it here… WelcomeBackLetter2015

Jul 30

Shopping at Kroger = $$ for the MHS Music Program

Just a reminder that we need every music parent, grandparent, neighbor, everyone to enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards program. Support the MHS music program by shopping at Kroger. Sign up for the Kroger Community Rewards program at and a portion of every dollar you spend at Kroger will be donated to the Midland H.S. Music Parent Assoc. Signing up is easy… just go to the Fundraising section of this website or follow the link below for instructions. Every dollar adds up. You have to sign-up every year so be certain you’re current! You can tell if you’re enrolled by checking the bottom of your receipt… it should read, “At your request, Kroger is donating to MIDLAND H.S. MUSIC PARENT ASSOC.”

Thanks for your support.

Account Name: Midland H.S. Music Parent Assoc.

Account Number: 83406

Jul 19

Chemic Marching Band – First Summer Letter

To all Chemic Marching Band families:

The first summer letter was mailed three weeks ago. If you did not receive a letter, please contact Mr. Monroe… (please note the updated email address for Mr. Monroe). A second letter will soon be mailed so be certain your mailing address is on his list.  You can read the first letter by clicking on the following link… MHS Marching Band – EarlyWelcomeBackLetter2015A

Jun 27

2015 Chemic Music Yard Sign Order Forms Available

The updated order form for the Chemic Music Yard Signs has been added to the website.  It can be viewed under “Fundraisers” or “Forms” or even here!

Chemic Music Yard Signs are a great way to celebrate your student’s involvement in the MHS music program!

Don’t delay and get your order in soon!

Jun 23

Fifth Grade Music Update – Your Efforts Make A Difference

We received news that Adams Elementary has returned a large amount of the requested minutes for 5th grade band to the school day schedule. This is a BIG improvement. Two other elementary schools are also returning music to the school day
Midland Public Schools is moving in a positive direction as we all work to strengthen the 5th grade instrumental and vocal music program.
Your continued interest in the music program is much appreciated. There is still work to do but we’re glad to see these improvements!

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