Dec 09

Winter Concert Season Is Here!

Show support for the MHS music program and plan to attend one of the many upcoming Winter Concerts! First is the Mistersingers Candlelight Concert this Friday (12-11-15) 7:30 PM at Trinity Lutheran Church – 3701 Jefferson Ave. This free event is also a fundraiser for the annual Meister trip… free will donations accepted. Yummy cookies and punch served during intermission!!!

Next is the MHS Choirs Holiday Concert on Tuesday, December 15th. The concert will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church beginning at 7:30. Both the MHS Chorus and the Meistersingers will perform. This is also a free concert.

The MHS Bands will perform a Winter Concert on Wednesday, December 16th. The concert begins at 7:30 PM at Central Auditorium. The Blue Band, Jazz Band, Gold Band, and Symphonic Band will perform. Come enjoy this free concert.

Finally, the MHS Orchestras will present their Holiday Concert on Thursday, December 17th. The concert begins at 7:30 PM at Central Auditorium. Both the Concert and Symphony Orchestras will perform. This is also a free concert.


Nov 23

Rhapsody – Congrats To All Performers!

Congratulations to all students who performed in the recent Rhapsody Rendezvous! It was obvious that many hours were spent in rehearsal. Congratulations to all directors, organizers and chaperons. Your support of the Midland High School music program is appreciated. The sell-out show was a memorable success.

Nov 12

Rhapsody Week Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals are never an exact science but the goal is to stay on time or run things early so individual acts, dance groups, and small music groups should plan to be early!! Orchestra and Marching Band should adhere to their call times. Everyone’s patience is appreciated.

Students should always plan to bring homework and work on it! Once they finish with their portion of rehearsal, they are excused to leave. Reminder to all dancers that they will need to have footwear… the Center’s floor is aging… there are splinters!

Rhapsody Week Schedule  – 2015

*Students should plan to bring their homework… there is a lot of waiting before they get on stage*

2015 Emcees: Michael Adams, Josiah Greiner, Allie Williams, Taylor Winslow

Monday 11/16

Tech Rehearsal(No special lighting, no costumes at this rehearsal – we’re marking placement of mics, piano, chairs, etc., on the stage, we’ll run through each act once, MC’s will performs a skeleton version of their sketches – no costume changes) *** stage crew will attend


5:30 Orchestra call time

6:00 Orchestra on stage ready for rehearsal… earlier if possible.

6:30 Orchestra completes rehearsal – orchestra students help clear stage

6:45 Remainder of Tech Rehearsal begins (we’ll begin earlier if possible)

Monday Tech Rehearsal Order (students excused upon completion of their rehearsal – let’s move these big groups out!)



Jazz Band

Chemic Honors Strings



Clarinet Choir

JV Cheer

Varsity Cheer

JV Pom

Varsity Pom

Then the remaining acts in order of performance:

-Sarah Evans (vocal solo) accompanied by Fischer Genau on cajon

-Juliana Rowley (vocal solo) accompanied by Heather DeGroot on piano

-Natalie Vinande (violin solo) accompanied by Linda Murray on piano

-M4 (band) Matthew Anderson, Mitchell Kent, Mark Minardi, Matthew Olenczuk

-Shannon DeGroot and Cassandra Thoms – (dance duet)

-Elia Danielson (vocal solo) with Christian Clark, Josh Danielson, Aaron Mealey

-Jackie Hendrickson & Drew Spencer (vocal duet) accompanied by Dr. Hendrickson on piano

-Chemic Honors Strings

-Aaron Mealey with Nick Billovits, Olivia Candala, Ashley Cline, Scott Joffre, Sammi Rice, Conner             Robertson, Noah Scheiber, Katie Wenban (vocal performance with band)

-Elia Danielson, Emma Longoria, Jamie Dwyer, Natalie Vinande (vocal quartet)

-Alex McMath, Ben Robertson, Buck O’Connor, Conner Robertson, Satchell Robertson (band)

Reminder… no glitter :)


*Students should plan to bring their homework* 

Thursday 11/19 

Dress Rehearsal: (Individual acts in costume and any other group (no glitter – at all) Lee Schaffert (professional photographer) will take photos – this night only – which will be posted to his website for individual purchase)

***(stage crew and spot light operators to be in attendance)


5:30 Call time for Marching Band students – be in the auditorium with instruments – ready for rehearsal which begins after attendance

6:30 Call time for Orchestra students

6:45 End of Band Rehearsal

6:45 Set up for Orchestra

7:15 Orchestra students on stage ready for rehearsal (earlier if possible)

7:45 Orchestra finishes with their rehearsal – clear the stage

8:00 Continue dress rehearsal in show order (earlier if possible)

Thursday Rehearsal order (this is different than Monday – please note)

(Just as on Monday… students are excused to leave upon completion of their rehearsal. If they choose to remain… they MUST sit in the auditorium silently or they’ll be asked to leave)

MHS Marching Band

MHS Orchestra

Sarah Evans acc. by Fischer Genau on cajon

Juliana Rowley acc. by Heather DeGroot

JV Pom

Natalie Vinande acc by Linda Murray

M4 Band – Matthew Anderson, Mitchell Kent, Mark Minardi, Matthew Olenczuk

Shannon DeGroot and Cassandra Thoms

Elia Danielson with Christian Clark, Josh Danielson, Aaron Mealey

JV Cheer

Clarinet Choir




Jazz Band

Jackie Hendrickson & Drew Spencer acc. by Dr. Timothy Hendrickson

Chemic Honors Strings

Aaron Mealey with Nick Billovits, Olivia Candala, Ashley Cline, Scott Joffre, Sammi Rice, Conner             Robertson, Noah Scheiber, Katie Wenban


Varsity Cheer

Elia Danielson, Emma Longoria, Jamie Dwyer, Natalie Vinande

Alex McMath, Ben Robertson, Buck O’Connor, Conner Robertson, Satchell Robertson

Varsity Pom


Friday 11/20, Show:

6:00 Rhapsody Leadership and chaperons arrive

6:30 Students begin arrival and go to assigned dressing rooms

Band – Rehearsals Room A and B – basement

Orchestra – Founders Room – Upstairs

Pom and Cheer – Upstairs Dressing Room – some will be assigned to the Founders Room

Chorus, Meisters – Lecture Room – Inner Circle

Some individuals in multiple acts will be assigned to remain near the stage.

Shane Talbot will have a list of students and chaperons where they should be.  Performers are NOT to be wandering… they are to remain in their dressing rooms until called. The ushers this year are provided by MCFTA as are the ticket takers.

7:00 Doors open for audience to enter

7:30 Show Time (a live feed is broadcast to Rehearsal Rooms A and B, Founder’s Room, Lecture Room, dressing rooms


Rhapsody Rendezvous 2015 show order is as follows:

Act 1


2.Sarah Evans with Fischer Genau

3.Juliana Rowley

4.JV Pom Pon

5.Natalie Vinande

6.M4 – Matthew Anderson, Mitchell Kent, Mark Minardi, Matthew Olenczuk

7.Shannon DeGroot  and Cassandra Thoms

8.Elia Danielson with Christian Clark, Josh Danielson, Aaron Mealey

9.JV Cheer

10.Clarinet Choir



Act 2

1.MHS Drumline

2.MHS Jazz Band

3.Jackie Hendrickson & Drew Spencer

4.Chemic Honors Strings

5.Aaron Mealey with band


7.Varsity Cheer

8.Elia Danielson, Emma Longoria, Jamie Dwyer, Natalie Vinande

9.Alex McMath band

10.Varsity Pom Pon

11.Faculty Skit

12.Chemic Marching Band


Nov 09

Rhapsody Rendezvous Has Sold Out!

Tickets have sold out for Rhapsody Rendezvous.  However, there is a waiting list being taken at the Midland Center for the Arts (MCFTA). Every year, people tend to hand tickets back in once they know they can’t use them.  So if you didn’t get tickets, please get your name on the waiting list at the Center for the Arts (989)631-5930.  If you have extra tickets that you won’t be using, you can either drop them into the box in the main office at MHS or drop them off at the Box Office at the MCFTA. Thank you!

Oct 28

Something Fun! Vote For The Coolest High School Marching Band in Michigan

Here’s something fun that will take a minute of your time. Mlive is currently hosting an online vote for the “Coolest High School Marching Band in Michigan”. Here’s the link…

Take a minute and vote for the MHS Chemic Marching Band (Midland)! Go Chemic Pride!!!

Oct 14

Meistersingers’ Leaf Raking Event!

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are falling and the Meistersingers are ready and willing to rake them for you! These hard working and talented students do a great job!! The members of Meistersingers work in a group, on a donations-only basis. All donations are applied toward their annual trip in the spring!
If you or someone you know is interested, email Natalie at Thank you for supporting their efforts and the vocal music program at Midland High!

Oct 06

Marching Showcase is Almost Here!

The annual Marching Band Showcase, co-hosted by MHS and HH Dow High will be held this Wednesday, 10/7/15! Tickets are $5/adult, $2/non-performing students, Free/for ages 65 and older. Gates open at 5:00 PM with the National Anthem and the flag raising at 5:55 PM. As in past years, there will be no concessions. Come enjoy an evening of color and sound!

The scheduled order of bands:

6:00 – Ogemaw Heights; 6:15 – Farwell; 6:30 – Swan Valley; 6:45 – John Glenn; 7:00 – Bullock Creek; 7:15 – Bay City Central; 7:30 – Essexville Garber; 7:45 – Meridian; 8:00 – Bay City Western; 8:15 – Midland High; 8:30 – Dow High.

The follow information is for MHS band students and their parents:

Band students are encouraged to eat dinner! All bands are to be seated in the stadium by 5:50 and are to remain until the final performance. This can be a long night so please take time to eat dinner.

Homework, blankets, and gloves can be delivered to students once they are seated. MHS band students are not allowed to carry anything into or out of the stadium except their instrument and music.

Call time for MHS band students is 5:00 PM. This means that students are to be in attendance formation on the practice field outside the band room – in uniform, with their instrument and music at 5:00 PM.

The uniform room will be open at 4:15 for minor repairs.



Oct 05

Rhapsody Notables Program has Closed

The Rhapsody Rendezvous Notables Program, for families of MHS music students, has closed. Thank you for your support of this program. The regular sale for Rhapsody Rendezvous tickets will be held online beginning 11/9/15 at 12:00 noon.

Sep 30

Rhapsody Rendezvous Auditions Coming Up!

The sign up sheets have been posted… it’s time to audition for Rhapsody Rendezvous! Sign up sheets are on the bulletin board near the attendance office. Information packets are in the metal display rack next to the bulletin board. Auditions are October 5th and 8th for acts (vocal, instrumental, dance) and October 8th for Emcees!!! Reminder that only seniors audition for Emcee! See you at Rhapsody!

Sep 30

Calling All Meistersinger Alumni!

Calling Meistersinger Alumni!! Come and sing the National Anthem and Alma Mater with us at the MHS Homecoming game this Friday (10/02) if you can! Meet at 6:45 pm down by the football field!! Pass this information on!

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