Oct 18

Rhapsody Notables Reaches Limit

Thank you to all who have submitted applications to sponsor Rhapsody Rendezvous through the Notables program. The sponsorships have been filled and Notable forms are no longer being accepted. Any additional Notable requests received will be returned. The number of Rhapsody tickets available through the Notables program is limited to 120; this allows more availability of tickets for purchase by the general public through the box office ticket sales.

We encourage you to attend Rhapsody by purchasing a ticket during the public ticket sale which will occur during the third week of November, through the box office at the Midland Center for the Arts and on their website www.mcfta.org. Tickets will NOT be sold at Midland High School.

Tickets sell out quickly so set up your account on the MCFTA’s website today. The only way to purchase tickets is by having an account.

Additional details about tickets sales will be available here and through the MHS Friday email.