Mar 20

Thank You Music Parents!

Thank you to the many parents and students who attended the MPS Board of Education meeting this past Monday. What a great show of support (and with with such short notice) for the 5th grade music program!

As a reminder of what’s happening… during the past couple of years, some elementary schools have removed the one class period of instrumental and vocal music that was held during the school day and placed it after school… with some classes beginning 30 minutes after the end of school! The before school classes are still held, just as they have for many years. Sadly, without that one class during the school day, the percentage of children enrolled in instrumental and vocal music is under pressure. The chipping away at the 5th grade music program needs to be reversed before there is a collapse in enrollment. A proactive vision is what will keep the MPS music program healthy and vibrant. This is the same issue that has been discussed during the past two years. Many parents and a former MHS drum major all spoke up at the board of education meeting – it was obvious that you, the high school parents, share a mutual concern for the health of the foundation of the MPS music program… a foundation which begins in the 5th grade. 

Administrators will hold a meeting next week with a representative of the Dow and Midland High music parents organization and two high involved music parents. Our goal is to have that 1/2 hour of music for each of the vocal and instrumental classes returned to the school day at the elementary schools where they have been removed during the past couple of years. There will be additional topics covered that seek to ensure the long-term health of the MPS music program.

The momentum you created will not be lost. Your efforts are appreciated.

Best Regards!

Shannon Krueger, MHS Music Parents President