May 24

Tux and Gown Turn In Info

The school year is winding down and it’s time to turn in Tuxes and Gowns. Wash everything (not the cummerbund or bow tie) in cold water and hang to dry. Gowns should be returned on the black dress hanger and tuxes on the Black, plastic coat hanger. Student’s name MUST be pinned to the tux and to the gown. Gowns and tux pants are hemmed to the individual student. The only way to know which gown or tux pants belong a student is by having the student’s name pinned to the clothing.

Here are the various turn in dates for the three music disciplines:

Band:  Tuesday, May 31 (during 4th and 5th hour)

Choir: Turn in is going on now!!! Please bring them to 1st or 2nd hour class. There is a rack in the choir room.

Orchestra: This Thursday and Friday (May 26th and 27th) And all next week. Seniors – turn in this week!