Jun 03

Uniform Reminders and Found HD Jump Drive

Thank you to the many music reps and parents for hours of volunteer time to get the tuxes, gowns, and band polos checked back in. We’ve heard some stories!!! Lots of clothing coming in dirty – thank you to the parents for washing gowns, tuxes, and polos!!! Your time is appreciated. All music department clothing must be returned… bring them in today!  Please pin the name of your student on the gown, tux, or polo. Your help is appreciated.

The Senior Music Dinner was held at the Midland Country Club last night… it was a wonderful event. Thank you to the many parents, directors (and retired director – Kathy Peretz), and music reps for turning in so many beautiful photos and videos to Nancy and Lee Schaffert. The slide presentation was fantastic. A jump drive with the slide presentation was left at the Country Club last night. Please let a director know if you’re missing yours!  If you’re interested in purchasing either a DVD or HD jump drive of the slide presentation, please contact Lee Schaffert.

For those parents still interested in purchasing a name plate for the Music Recognition Plaque in the Music Hallway at Midland High… please contact Jackie Light.  There will be a refurbishing of the plaque within the next few months – it’s going to look great!

Good luck to all our graduating seniors… you’ve been an integral part of the music program for many years! And to the parents graduating out of the music program… you’ll be missed. Thank you for all you’ve done to support the MHS Music Parents and the fabulous music department at Midland High.