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Volunteer Driver Info

Thank you so much for the gift of your valuable time. It is greatly appreciated.

  1. All drivers must turn in a Bravo Volunteer Form as a Level II volunteer. This includes the Bravo Volunteer Application, background information and acknowledgement of terms (Pages 1-3), Volunteer Consent Form Criminal History File Search, and an updated MPS Volunteer Driver form (July 21, 2014) with copies of current drivers license, registration and proof of insurance (both sides) in order to transport students. Return them to the MHS Main Office prior to September 05.
  2. Drivers for Blitz, please arrive at the cafeteria before 5:15 and proceed to the driver check-in table. Pick up your driver’s packet, sign for the cards your team receives, and proceed to your assigned team table. Attendance sheets will be inside your packets.
  3. Your driver’s packet will contain:
    1. a map of your assigned area with specified streets
    2. driving directions in case you are unfamiliar with your assigned area
    3. the cards for sale by the students in your team. It is your responsibility to account for the cards sold and the cash collected.
    4. a tally sheet to help with card and cash accounting
    5. candy incentives
  4. Have your team captain take attendance. Once all team members have arrived or absences have been resolved, captains may proceed to the card table to turn in their attendance sheet and pick up any final instructions. Then you may leave.
  5. Please exchange cell phone numbers with the MHSMPA representative at check in.
  6. Please keep track of cards sold and cash/checks received. Checks are accepted and should be made payable to MHS Music Parents.
  7. Please return to the cafeteria by 8pm (or sooner if you have covered your assigned area). Your team number (B2, V4) will have a designated counter along the wall in the cafeteria. Please return your driver packet to the counter so that we may reuse it next year. The counter will reconcile cash received and number of cards returned. When the counter is finished, you and your team are free to leave.